Viti Vini Diffusion is committed to implementing its know-how for the benefit of its customers by renewing its PE creation range and relying on the technical needs of winemakers.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


100% artisanal production made in our workshops. Our different models have evolved with the needs and requirements of pressing centers, allow maintenance and easy use. The materials used and the know-how make it reliable and quality materials.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


Tank for the incorporation and mixing of phytosanitary products.
A 100% artisanal realization elaborated in our workshops, material developed with the help of a house of Champagne which wanted to optimize the conditions of homogenization and loading of the products.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


 Custom manufacturing
 All volume from 3 to 40 hL
 Prehensile by pallet truck
 Slow rotation geared motor mixing: 280 rpm
 Sloping bottom with total emptying
 Stainless steel accessory (valve, mixer shaft)

 Stainless steel grill on the top
 Stainless steel level valve and stainless steel strip

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Viti Vini Diffusion


 All types of presses
 capacity from 2000 to 8000 kgs
 Reinforced compartments
 Peripheral reinforcements
 Sloping bottom with total emptying
 Stainless Accessories (valves, sliders, taps)

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Viti Vini Diffusion


Holder buckets

Practical & handy winery service
 Black and white PE
 on 4 wheels
with 3 drawers and 12 stainless steel hooks

Ergonomic wall mounts
 black PE
 15 stainless steel hooks