Present from the harvest to the commercialization, VitiVini Diffusion proposes you its services for your boxes, wire, wood boxes, scotches and corks.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


To highlight your different bottles, we study all possibilities of making small and large custom wood cabinets with different construction methods. Stapled edges or straight shank, zipper, nailed or hinged fasteners and clasps. The wedging foam cap or guillotine.

Poplar, Pine, Chestnut or Oak …

Thanks to our software, we adapt to the format of the box the logo and block mark files of each one in order to personalize with precision the boxes of a Laser Engraving.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


VitiVini Diffusion allows you to create according to your desires, by accompanying you in the development of your customization projects according to your cash register formats, color, logo to reproduce.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


Customization of your muselets, small and large quantities according to the dressing of your different Champagnes with a wide choice of matt or glossy colors, graphics and stamping.

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Viti Vini Diffusion


In stock permanently at the store, small and large rolls of Scotch white or transparent quality with the ability to customize.